Macklemore recruits 7-year-old daughter Sloane to direct ‘No Bad Days’ music video

(From left) Macklemore and 7-year-old daughter Sloane, who was tapped to direct the rapper’s upcoming music video for new song ‘No Bad Days.’


There are no bad days in Macklemore’s house.

The rapper shared a video on Instagram on Monday where he’s seen enlisting his 7-year-old daughter Sloane to help direct the music video for his new song “No Bad Days.”

“I’m a little bit nervous asking this, if I’m being honest,” Macklemore said to Sloane, who is seen sitting next to her dad in front of a piece of paper full of doodles at a table.

Macklemore told his daughter that he was so impressed with her “work ethic” when she recently helped him produce his golf apparel line Bogey Boys, adding “I absolutely loved your style.”

He continued to tell her that he’s been trying to think of a music video for his upcoming track “No Bad Days,” which is on his new album “Ben” set to be released on March 3 and said he had a “crazy idea.”

“I need a director and I was thinking, what if you directed the music video?” Macklemore proposed.

Shocked, Sloane giggled and excitedly exclaimed, “That’s a yes!” The dad-and-daughter duo then shared a celebratory embrace as Sloane wiped tears from her eyes and aptly said, “Action!”

This isn’t the first time Macklemore has enlisted his dynamic daughter to weigh in on his work. The rapper shared a video in 2021 in which he played his song “Next Year” for Sloane.

“Not your best but I still love ya,” she opined after listening to the song.

Hopefully, Sloane’s next venture directing her dad’s music video will go over much better.

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