Goldie Hawn only recently learned her idol Fred Astaire presented her 1970 Oscar

Goldie Hawn, seen here in Los Angeles last year, is revealing her regret in not being present to accept her Oscar over 50 years ago.

Goldie Hawn has enjoyed a vibrant career in Hollywood, but she admits she has at least one “regret.”

The star, who won an Oscar in 1970 for her role in 1969’s “Cactus Flower” but was unable to attend the ceremony, told Variety in an interview published on Wednesday that she wishes she’d gotten the full experience of winning the prestigious award.

“I never got dressed up. I never got to pick up the award,” she said. “I regret it.”

At the time, Hawn was in London sleeping, in preparation for an early call time for her next film.

The “Overboard” actress told the publication that she “forgot it was on television that night,” waking up when a reporter called in the early morning hours to seek her comment on winning.

After she hung up, she called her parents and “had a good cry.”

Fast forward to 2023, the star, now 77, said she only just recently saw footage from that particular Oscars telecast, and was surprised to see who read her name that night. Hawn said her friend Jimmy Kimmel – who is set to host this year’s Academy Awards on Sunday – asked her a few weeks ago if she ever saw “the part where you’re being announced by Fred Astaire?”

“‘Fred Astaire?!’” she remembered replying. “He’s my idol. And I didn’t know he was the one that announced my name. I got emotional when I finally saw it.”

Hawn graces the cover of the new issue of Variety.

Her most recent credit was in the film “The Christmas Chronicles: Part Two,” in which she stars alongside real-life partner Kurt Russell as Mrs. Claus and Santa Claus, respectively.

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