Jeremy Renner shows off strides in recovery on treadmill

Jeremy Renner is continuing on his road of recovery and taking his followers along with him.

The “Mayor of Kingstown” star posted on the Instastories portion of his verified Instagram account over the weekend and shared a video in which he was doing physical therapy on an anti-gravity treadmill.

Renner can be heard saying that the machine allows him to only feel “40% of my weight” while walking.

According to the Running Physio site, such treadmills “feature a bubble that inflates with air, then surrounds the user’s lower body. This gently lifts them off the treadmill which reduces pressure on the lower body.”

jeremy renner hospital
Sheriff describes how Jeremy Renner got injured by snow plow

The actor was crushed by a snow plow he had been operating on New Year’s Day near his Nevada home.

Since then, Renner has been sharing posts about his miraculous recovery.

“Now is the time for my body to rest and recover from my will,” Renner captioned his weekend video.

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