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Product Name: Suspension Revolution How To Get Ripped Abs with 191 Amazing Never-Seen-Before Suspension Exercises as Suspended Bodyweight Training Expert Dan Long Personally Coaches You Through Over 2,000 Fat-Burning Reps and 20 Weeks of NEW High-Energy Suspension Revolution Workout Videos


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Why Conventional Weight Training Is Holding You Back From Burning Fat

When you use machines, and even free weights, you’re using muscles to move that weight around. You already knew that – no big breakthrough there.

You push, you pull, and muscles contract and relax.

But how many muscles are you using at any one time?… NOT all 600, not even close.

And don’t fool yourself into thinking you’re using more muscles doing cardio training like the treadmill, bike, or elliptical machine. This type of steady state cardio does not burn enough calories or engage enough muscles to even come close to giving you results that you want.

It’s no wonder that statistics show that 89% of all gym members looks the same after 12 months. The other 11% are getting results because they know the secret that I’m about to reveal to you here.

What if I told you that I knew of over 190 exercises that will work muscles you didn’t even knew you had and that you’ll use them in a way that not only sculpts lean, tight muscles, but allows you to blast through a plateau and shock your body fat into submission because of the much needed muscle stimulus?

Stimulus = Results.

New Stimulus = MASSIVE Results.

When these muscles that have never been worked before are stimulated, your body has NO CHOICE but to burn more fat to recover. It’s in that recover phase where you’ll get faster results. See, your body wants homeostasis – in other words, it wants to NOT change. And that’s why you tend to plateau in as little as 19 days after starting a workout program. The body wants to adapt. YOU want your body to change.

Change comes from new and constant stimulus that forces your body to use new muscles groups in ways you’ve never used before – that in turn leads to microscopic muscle tears (which is the soreness you feel after a good workout). That’s a good thing…

…and as your body begins to rebuild and recover, your metabolism is elevated and so is thermogenesis – the action of burning more fat at rest.

So are these special exercises magical in some way? I wouldn’t go as far as to call them “magical”, but they’re definitely exercises that MOST people have never heard of or tried.

These are the same exercises and workouts that athletes come and train with me for, like Dekoda Watson (NFL Player), to stay lean and shredded, explode their athleticism through the roof, and keep functional and injury free year round.

Actors come to train with me to chisel themselves in record time so they could look amazing on film. They knew they couldn’t get these secret exercises and workouts that utilize these hidden muscles anywhere else.

In fact, many of my suspension exercises have never been exposed to the world, until now, in this brand NEW Suspension Revolution program.


Click here to get Suspension Revolution at discounted price while it’s still available…

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