Walmart Announces Plan For Nationwide EV Charging Network

Walmart announced plans to build out a nationwide electric vehicle fast-charging network. This initiative will support the Biden administration’s ‘clean energy’ efforts to expand EV charging coverage.

“By 2030, we intend to build our own EV fast-charging network at thousands of Walmart and Sam’s Club locations coast-to-coast. This would be in addition to the almost 1,300 EV fast-charging stations we already have available at more than 280 U.S. facilities,” a Walmart press release said.

Although Walmart did not specify the exact number of charging stations it plans to construct, the retailer has roughly 4,700 US stores and 600 Sam’s Club locations.

Vishal Kapadia, Walmart’s senior vice president of energy transformation, noted all store or club locations are within ten miles of approximately 90% of Americans. The idea is to “meet the needs of customers and members where they live and open the road to those driving across the country,” he said.


Walmart’s nationwide EV charging network appears to align with the Biden administration’s goal of establishing affordable, reliable, and accessible EV charging for everyone.

Kapadia didn’t mention if Walmart would receive EV grants from federal, state, or local governments for the project. Luckily, Walmart doesn’t have to worry about space because its large parking lots are ideal for charging stations.

Last month, the Biden administration established a multi-billion dollar grant program to place EV chargers every 50 miles along interstate highways and in places where Americans live and work. We wonder who gave Walmart the nudge to use its parking lots for EV chargers…

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